AMF Bruns Cassette Lift K70

AMF Bruns Cassette Lift K70

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The Cassette Lift K70 is the slimmest wheelchair lift on the market for your vehicle.

At only 70mm in height, the K70 offers maximum clearance between the ground and lift.

The K70 lift can be operated using a wireless hand control or via an app on your mobile device Read More [..]


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The Cassette K70 lift is mounted below the vehicle and does not interfere with access or use of the passenger compartment.

The electric roll-off edge barrier safety flap works on flat or uneven surfaces.

The edge barrier prevents the wheelchair from rolling off during the lifting and lowering process.

The wheelchair lift is equipped with LED turn signals, which are particularly helpful in low visibility conditions.

How it works in 8 simple steps

70mm height ensures maximum clearance from ground.1. The height of the stowed away lift is 70mm providing maximum clearance
Remote control to operate the Cassette K70.2. Wireless control used for operating the lift (optional mobile app available).
Lift extends out from undernieth the vehicle.3. The lift extends out from underneath the vehicle.
Platform lowers to ground along with the wheelchair barrier.4. The platform and edge barrier lowers to the ground.
Wheelchair is moved onto platform.5. Wheelchair is moved onto platform.
Lock the wheelchair wheels to prevent any movement.6. Lock the wheelchair wheels to prevent any movement.
The controller is used to raise the lift.7. The controller is used to raise the platform level with the floor inside the vehicle.
Wheelchair can safely move inside the vehicle.8. Wheelchair can safely move inside the vehicle.


Can I apply for a Government grant?

Yes you can. Usually your Occupational Therapist will apply for this for you through NDIS or the state agency. Learn more about funding support.

Your Occupation Therapist will need a quote from us in order to apply.

Who are AMF Bruns?

AMF Bruns are based in Aspen, Germany and have been manufacturing vehicles and associated equipment including lifts, restraints, steps & ramps for people living with disability for more than 50 years.

The companies philosophy revolves around the satisfaction and trust from customers through quality and extensive safety tests.

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Will This Fit My Car?

The Cassette K70 fits the following vehicles:

Mercedes-Benz logoV-Class/Vito
Volkswagen logoT6

If you’re still unsure feel free to contact us:

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