PVI Rear Van Ramp

PVI Rear Van Ramp

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Made in USA
2 year warranty

The PVI Van Ramp is a solid ramp that enables rear access in and out of your vehicle for scooters and wheelchairs.

Van ramps provide a less expensive alternative solution to the electric operated hoists in loading and unloading.

The ramp’s spring loaded feature allows it to be effortlessly folded-up or extended out.

A sturdy non-slip material has been applied to the surface to provide improved grip and traction.


  • Available in 2 lengths
  • Easy Installation
  • Mounts to floor of Van inside doorway
  • Folds in quarters and stores vertically, leaving the doorway accessible
  • Patented center joint hinge eliminates pinch point and adds strength
  • Durable welded fabrication
  • Anti-slip, high traction surface
  • Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations
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Slope too steep? Here’s the solution!

Reduce the initial ramp slope with PVI’s Slope Reducer attachment. Load and unload your wheelchair and scooter with this easy to install solution.

The Slope Reducer is a lightweight aluminium ramp that hooks onto the base of your PVI rear van ramp (VAN727 & VAN827).


Demonstration Videos

Organise a FREE demonstration

This product is available for demonstration at our MoblityCare warehouse in Clayton.

Unfortunately we cannot offer home demonstrations for this.

If you would like to organise a time to see this product, please contact us:

Call (03) 9568 8383Organise a FREE Demo


2-year warranty

PVI ramps are warranted for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

Exclusions to the warranty include:

  • Improper installation
  • Accidental damage
  • Abuse
  • Overloading
  • General wear & tear

Warranty claims exclude transportation costs. It is up to the customer to organise this.


After being in the DME and Rehab Technology industry for over 10 years, I have found that PVI has been a very essential part to providing independence and mobility for our consumers. Other companies have been put to the test but none compared or equaled to PVI. From the very involved modular ramps to the simplest threshold ramps PVI has fit the bill. The ongoing relationship between their tech support and us has been nothing short of excellent. They are a great company to work with and we will continue to use PVI in all future ramp needs and recommend them to anyone with ramp needs.
Keith Davenport, Superior Mobility
Ramp Works perfectly – Great design and workmanship. I was going to make a ramp of 3/4″ plywood for my wife who is wheelchair bound. She saw your ramps in a catalog, and urged me to buy one. It works perfectly, My wife, my back, and I, thank you.
R Clemons, Texas


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