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Stand Aid 1501 Extra

Stand Aid 1501 Extra


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This model is exactly like the Stand Aid 1501 with a power lift.

However, with the addition of a power height adjustable table, this frame is ideal in situations where there are multiple users.

This allows caregivers to quickly and safely adjust the table height.

Instead of adjusting 4 knobs to change table height, with just a touch of a button, the table can be raised or lowered to fit each user.

This saves a lot of time for the caregivers and provides the user with the most comfortable stand quickly and easily.



Frame Width : 28 1/2"
Frame Opening:
(inside dimensions)
Standard Frame: 24 1/2"
- Add Caster Brackets: 25 1/2"
Wide Wheel Kit: 27 1/2"
- Add Caster Brackets: 29 1/2"
Standard Knee Pad Width: 15" (Height Adjustable)
Wide Knee Pad Width:: 17" (Height Adjustable)
Plexiglass Table: 20" X 12 5/8"
Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds
  • Wheel Kit and Safety Gate are Standard Equipment
  • Safety Gate Extension (Increases room to stand for larger users)
  • Back Support
  • Lateral Supports
  • Hip Supports
  • Upper Chest Support
  • Head Support
  • Wide Opening
  • Wide Knee Pad (height adjustable)
  • Wide Lift Arms
  • Caster Brackets (increases frame opening with wheel kit by 1 1/2โ€)
  • Elevated Floor (For users under 5' tall)
  • Lift Slings:
    • Standard (ordered to size)
    • Adjustable Sling (small or large)
    • Adjustable Sling with Velcro Belt and Leg Straps (small or large)
    • Solid Sling (padded)
  • Left/Handed Frames
    • (Right/Handed Standard)

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