Stand Aid 1501 Power Lift

Stand Aid 1501 Power Lift


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The 1501 will raise the user into standing position with a touch of a button.

The 12 volt power lift system comes with a convenient on-board charger and a retractable power cord.

The 1501 comes standard with the padded safety gate, which closes behind the user once standing. Also standard is the wheel kit.

The wheel kit consists of 4 locking caster wheels (12.7cm) which makes it easy to move the frame between each use and also makes a handy transfer device.

When the user is standing in it, the frame is easy to move on all hard surface floors which can make for an easy transfer from the Stand Aid to wheelchair or bed. Optional support pads such as back, lateral, hip, upper chest and head can be added as needed. The frame will accommodate users from 127cm – 213cm and up to 181kg.



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