Standard Evacuslider Rescue Sheet

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Standard Evacuslider Rescue Sheet


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A simple and low cost solution for an emergency evacuation.

The Evacuslider is a rescue sheet comprising of a thick foam mattress with a super-smooth underside.

It can comfortably and suitably transport a person horizontally down stairs and through tight narrow spaces. Read More [..]


  • Lightweight, sturdy construction
  • Extremely portable and easy to use
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Long lasting and durable
  • 4cm padded mattress
  • Super smooth underside aids movement across the floor
  • Hard wearing, washable, heavy-duty base
  • Certified on-site & online training packages available


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What are Rescue Sheets?

To put it simply, a rescue sheet is a type of matress with straps that is lifted with the aid of assistants which can transport a patient or evacuee away from an emergency situation quickly and safely.

Hospitals and care homes have been using an old version of the rescue-sheet for many years now. Evacusafe have developed a modern version.

Being a padded mattress, they are extremely comfortable for the patient and are ideal for use where narrow corridors and stairways are present.

How do I use the Evacuslider?

1. Remove Evacuslider from its storage bag

2. Place on the ground, unfold and un-fasten the quick release straps, if using the premium adjustable slider position, quick release strap, head support & foot pocket

3. Position the client on the Evacuslider, as per the personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP)

4. Fasten all quick release straps, to ensure the client is secured on the Evacuslider, if using the premium adjustable slider or premium plus slider ensure the client’s head is secured if required

5. Transfer to exit route, using the recommended 2 operators at the head end of the Evacuslider

6. Once at the stairs, position 1 person at the rear and 1 person at the front, holding the handles.

7. Manoeuvre the Evacuslider slowly and confidently down the stairs.

8. Once on the stair landing, lower the Evacuslider into the static position and prepare for next flight of stairs

9. Once you are at ground floor level evacuate to final exit.

If you are using the Premium Plus or Premium Adjustable Slider you may require more operators to assist.

3 models to choose:


This rescue sheet is a low cost solution for emergency evacuation

A simple and low cost solution for an emergency evacuation.

The Evacuslider is a rescue sheet comprising of a thick foam mattress with a super-smooth underside.

Premium Adjustable


The Premium Adjustable Evacuslider really does take rescue-sheets to the next level and now supersedes the Excel Evacuslider due to its popularity.

It is fully adjustable and flexible enough to fit people of varying heights and sizes.

Read More

Premium Plus


With an increased working load of 182kg, the Premium Plus Evacuslider has been designed to assist with the horizontal evacuation of larger persons from care homes, hospitals or other public buildings.


Video demonstrations

Premium Adjustable Slider


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This product is available for demonstration at our MoblityCare warehouse in Clayton.

Unfortunately we cannot offer home demonstrations.

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