Low Cost Shipping

Courier delivering item

Low Cost Shipping

We ship Australia wide from Melbourne. Our policy is to find the most competitively priced commercial courier for delivering your goods to you.

There are many couriers we use for our customers. Prices between couriers generally varies on your location but this allows us to compare pricing and find the most competitive rate for you.

Delivery Times

You may be surprised at how fast we’re able to deliver your item(s) to you. We recommend having your product(s) delivered to a business premises in order to lower your rate even further.

Below is an estimate of Australia-wide delivery times from our warehouse in Melbourne.

Products we import directly into Australia from the manufacturer are available from a wide range of dealers located around Australia.

We encourage you to use your local dealer for sourcing one of our imported products. To help us connect you with your local dealer, please provide us with your postcode so we’re able to send you a list of local dealers that stock the product you’re after.

If there are no local dealers to you, we are more than happy to ship directly to you.

To speak with a MobiltyCare representative please call us during normal business hours. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry form.