Ramps | Wheelchair & Scooter Portable, Lightweight Access Ramps


We stock ramps that can make light work of your obstacles! Moving wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or rollators is seemingly impossible when confronted with uneven steps or surfaces. Strains on the body for carers, elderly people and those with disabilities can quickly arise when operating in a non-safe manner.

The aluminium construction ensures they’re lightweight, strong and portable. This allows you to easily assemble, pack up and stow away. Depending on the application may depend on the model and length you go for. Our range includes threshold, solid, single-fold, multi-fold, side rail options and side and rear access for vans. Your safety is in good hands knowing any choice you go for comes equipped with an anti-slip, high traction, water resistant surface. A surface like this means there’s no problem with becoming wet outside.

We’ve been helping people find solutions suited to their lifestyle requirements for over 20 years. If you would like more information call us on (03) 9568 8383. Alternatively, you might like to see our selection of ramps in action. If so, we offer a free no-obligation demonstration from our showroom.