Wheelchair & Scooter Transfer, Lifts & Hoists

Our wheelchair lift and scooter lift ranges are quality made products at the right price.

Autochair supply a range of high quality scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts which enable you to easily hoist and load your wheelchair, powerchair or mobility scooter into your hatchback, estate car, MPV, or 4×4

You can choose your preferred wheelchair, power-chair or scooter lifts from a range of lifting capacities – 40kg, 80kg Mini Hoists or from the NEW, highly popular, Olympian Hoist range which can lift up to 200kg – the highest capacity scooter, electric wheelchair and wheelchair lifting hoist in the world!

People with limited mobility should consider an Autochair Mini-Hoist or Olympian Hoist before incurring the costs of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Talk to us today about Government VMSS (Vehicle Modification Subsidies Schemes).