Standing and Balancing

There is truth in the saying “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Regular exercise activates your body and is essential for maintaining your mental and physical fitness. It strengthens muscles to help you live a mobile and independent life. It can also help with rehabilitation and therapy after a hospital stay.

As we get older, the benefits that exercise has on our bodies cannot be taken for granted. Through regular movement we greatly reduce our risk of stroke, dementia, weight gain, back pain, osteoporosis and falling to name a few.

THERA’s range of cycle, standing and balance trainers help make this easy and are suitable for home and commercial environments. Each trainer is designed to target specific muscle groups based on the individual’s mobility.

THERA are world renowned for their quality manufactured trainers. Not only do they promote comfortable home based exercise, they also provide therapy concepts for every stage of rehabilitation. You can read THERA’s mission statement to find out more.