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Who uses the Elk?

Ambulance services, Aged Care facilities, Hospitals & Communities.

Ambulance Victoria
Ambulance Tasmania
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St John Ambulance Australia
Mangar Elk lifting cushion


The Mangar Elk is an emergency lifting device that uses an innovative air powered cushion designed to inflate and gradually lift a fallen person up off the floor.

Risk of injury to the carer is greatly reduced as the need to manual lift is no longer there.

Maximum User Weight




Mangar Camel lifting cushion with backrest


The Camel can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, and will lift a fallen person with dignity whilst protecting both the carer and the person being lifted from injury.

The Camel is particularly suitable for larger people but can also be used for those who prefer extra back support.

Maximum User Weight




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  • I searched on internet for moths and months for an inflatable cushion. I could not find it. I even asked several technical people to build one for me. Which also did not work. Just by coincidence i found, on internet, the raiser lifting cushion. I ordered the cushion and i received it . It works SEN-SA-TI-O-NAL for me and the cushion will change my life in a very, very, very positive way.
    Jim Advocaat
  • My ELK has got me out of a horrific situation, I am 87, my wife 84 and very unstable and with onset Alzheimers. Lying on the cold bathroom floor, I managed to single-handedly get her up with my ELK!
    Peter Blanchard
  • I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and quite often fall out of my wheelchair due to my chemotherapy treatment. I now use a very simple device called the ‘Camel’ to get me up from the floor to my wheelchair very easily. The ‘Camel’ (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) uses low air pressure to inflate it first to sit me up and then to raise me to a height where I can transfer. In my situation 2 people are needed to assist me, but the ‘Camel’ is very simple and easy to use and requires minimal instruction to operate it. The ‘Camel’ chair lift is a fantastic piece of equipment.
    Darragh Moore, Ireland
  • During the year we introduced important health and safety initiatives, including new lifting equipment as part of a ‘proof-of-concept’ collaborative project with WorkSafe Victoria, the Ambulance Employees Association Victoria and insurer QBE to address paramedics’ high risk of musculoskeletal injury. This involved the use of Mangar Elk Lifting Cushions, which were found to be highly effective for heavy lifting.
    Ambulance Victoria

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