Roho Quadtro Select

Roho Quadtro Select

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The new QUADTRO SELECT® Cushion sets the standard in the industry for overall performance in wheelchair seating. Read More [..]


  • Fast delivery Australia-wide!
  • Available in 3 profiles: High, Mid and Low
  • Two-way stretch cover
  • Hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions
  • Flame resistant, Neoprene Rubber
  • Approximately 1.6kg (varies by size – based on 16″ x 16″ size cushion)
  • Unlimited weight limit*
  • Adjustable skin protection
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
*Cushion must be properly sized to the individual. All measurements are approximate.
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With the built-in stability and simplicity of the QUADTRO SELECT Cushion, no longer will you have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning or convenience. The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion does it all.

Available in 3 Profiles

ROHO Quadtro Select (low profile)

Low Profile (H: 60mm)

ROHO Quadtro Select (medium profile)

Medium Profile (H: 70mm)

ROHO Quadtro Select (high profile)

High Profile (H: 100mm)

ISOFLO Memory Control

Through the simple push of a knob, the revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control offers shape fitting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function.

ISOFLO control
ISOFLO Memory Control
Push the green knob in to activate the single quadrant air lock.

With the ISOFLO Control open, air can flow freely throughout the entire cushion, similar to ROHO Single Compartment Cushion.

Push the red knob in to activate the 4 quadrant air lock.

With the ISOFLO Control closed, air becomes locked into four separate quadrants offering stability and positioning capabilities.

The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion is most effective for individuals who…

  • have a history of skin/soft tissue breakdown
  • currently have skin/soft tissue breakdown
  • at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown
  • have normal or impaired sensation
  • require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry
  • require increased stability
  • require correction of pelvic asymmetry (medial lateral and anterior posterior)


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