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DVA Funding

Elderly man with Occupational Therapist

Proud suppliers of equipment to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

See the range of products available to veterans and their spouses through the DVA contracted companies we work with:


How to claim with us

  1. Download the DVA RAP Form
  2. Send completed form via (choose one):


Once we have received your DVA RAP form, we send it off to one of the contracted companies mentioned above. We will keep in touch and supply the product to you as soon as possible.

Categories We Supply

OT = Occupational Therapist, PHYSIO = Physiotherapist, RN = Registered Nurse, LMO = Local Medical Officer, S = Specialist, CH = Chiropractor, OST = Osteopath, POD = Podiatrist, CA = Continence Advisor, SP = Speech Pathologist, EP = Exercise Physiologist
If you would like further information about the DVA funding process, please call (03) 9568 8383 or email us.