SmartDrive MX2+ with PushTracker E2

SmartDrive MX2+ with PushTracker E2


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A revolutionary power assist device that attaches to your manual wheelchair giving you greater freedom and power Read More [..]


  • Handles many outdoor/indoor terrains including up grassy hills or over thick carpet
  • PushTracker E2 intelligent wristband control senses your movements and knows when you’re ready to stop, and when you’re ready to get moving.
  • Push to go. Tap brake to stop. It’s that simple
  • Turn on and go all day without charging
  • Moves with you for wheelies and curbs
  • So light, you won’t even know it’s there
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Add power to your wheelchair!

It’s surprisingly compact and powerful enough to help you cruise up the steepest ramps, sidewalks or even over thick padded carpet.

The SmartDrive MX2+ is designed to preserve your upper body while minimising shoulder pain.

With the anti-rollback feature, it can instantly and safely stop your wheelchair when traveling up a ramp. When you’re ready to go, the SmartDrive power assistance kicks in to begin moving again.

SmartDrive MX2+ power assistance for your manual wheelchair.
SmartDrive MX2+ handles most terrains.
SmartDrive MX2+ with PushTracker E2 wrist watch.

The unit weighs only 5.6kg and is so lightweight you won’t even know it’s there. You can spin on the spot, pop a wheelie or even hop off a curb.

It’s easy to install – clipping onto the hitch at the back of the chair in a matter of seconds. The SmartDrive fits almost any wheelchair including folding wheelchairs.


Smartdrive power assistance clips on easily to most wheelchairs


This device is ideal for anyone wanting to minimise their risk of shoulder injury or further shoulder injury or simply for those who’d like a little extra power added to their chair.


The smartdrive mx2 is lightweight and easy to install

Now with PushTracker E2

Developed with connectivity and durability in mind, the PushTracker E2 has been rigorously tested and proven to be consistently reliable and extremely durable.

The PushTracker E2 makes using your SmartDrive easier than ever. With tap gesture-activated controls and activity-tracking technology you can start your SmartDrive with a simple tap of your hand—no pushing or reaching necessary.

SmartDrive MX2+ with PushTracker E2 wrist watch.

SmartDrive MX2+ with PushTracker E2.

PushTracker E2 - start your SmartDrive with a simple tap of your hand.

The PushTracker E2 has an 8x more reliable Bluetooth connection and the hardware is designed to meet your daily demands.

PushTracker E2 - Toggle between power assist on/off.

Large touch screen makes it easy to use and see.

PushTracker E2 - a wrist watch with usability in-mind.

Customise your mobility by quickly changing all your performance settings.

PushTracker E2 - review your system usage.

Easy track your system usage including distance travelled and battery life.

PushTracker E2 - stay up-to-date with firmware updates.

PushTracker E2 – stay up-to-date with firmware updates.

PushTracker App

SmartDrive advances daily mobility for the manual wheelchair user. The PushTracker app produces and delivers activity statistics designed to promote optimal health for the manual wheelchair user. Track distance, pushes and coast time to help you decrease the demand on your upper body.

PushTracker App - track your journey.

Track your journeys and then list them based on your activity.

PushTracker App - track distance covered.

Check your distance, push count and coast time to maximise efficiency.

PushTracker App - set goals based on your health related needs

Set goals based on your mobility health related needs.

PushTracker App - seamlessly adjust your settings.

The PushTracker App allows those who use the original PushTracker or SwitchControl to seamlessly adjust all their settings.

PushTracker App - perform wireless updates.

The PushTracker App allows those who use the original PushTracker or SwitchControl to easily perform all wireless updates.

What can I customise?

Using the new PushTracker E2 wristband the SmartDrive MX2 can have its tap sensitivity, top speed, acceleration and drive modes adjusted. Being able to change these attributes allows for a customised operation that is suited to the operator.

Can the top speed of SmartDrive be reduced?

Yes it can! The SmartDrive’s top speed can be set to anything below it’s maximum speed of 10km/hr. Once you become more confident with the handling, this speed can be increased.

Can I fly with my SmartDrive?

Yes you can! Please take a look at the Certificate Regarding Air Transportation by Passengers with Walking Disabilities or email us requesting forms required to present when flying.

What if I can’t afford this?

You may be eligible to apply for Government funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which can reduce the cost for you.

Usually your Occupational Therapist will apply for this on your behalf through NDIS or the state agency. Learn more about accessing NDIS.

Your Occupation Therapist will need a quote from us in order to apply for funding assistance.

MobilityCare is an approved NDIS provider.

Demonstration Videos

Light Drive Vs. Smart Drive MX2

Light Drive power assistanceSmart Drive MX2 power assist
Manufacturer Benoit, France since 1994 Max Mobility, USA since 2010
User Profile Strength or pain impaired Active
Wheelchair Modification Needed? No No
Most Often Used On Folding wheelchair Rigid Wheelchair
Control Joystick (Programmable) Push tracker and Bluetooth Bracelet
Drive Both wheels Mid point on wheelchair
Starting Joystick Tap
Direction Control Joystick, all directions Manual, no reverse
Freewheel Mode Yes Yes
Stopping Motor is powerful brake Tap and manually brake
Top speed 10 km/hr 10 km/hr
Climbing 20 degree gradient 6 degrees at least
Range 14-16 km to 19km on constant flat
Terrain All terrain Most terrains excluding some rough.
Max Occupant Weight 120kg - terrain dependant 150kg - terrain dependent
Colour 8 Attractive colours One colour, dark grey.
Heaviest Part 8.8 KG 5.7 kg
Batteries Lithium Lithium
Air Travel Yes Yes
Putting On And Taking Off 20 seconds 10 seconds
Technology Robust, Stable Constantly developing in recent past.
Special Minor Requirements Schwable marathon tyres Folding chair adaptor

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Unfortunately we cannot offer home demonstrations for this.

We offer complimentary training to those who purchase the SmartDrive MX2 from us.

To organise a demonstration time with us, call (03) 9568 8383 or email us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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