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Designed and produced in Norway

The TOPRO Olympos is an elegant and practical off-roader for any person who likes adventure.

It’s designed especially for outdoor and off-road use, but can also be used indoors.

We stock the ‘Medium’ (28cm diameter) sized wheel, which is suitable for rough off-road terrains.


  • Designed especially for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors
  • Easy to unfold and has an adjustment for height with memory function
  • Safe to use with excellent brakes, kerb lifter and edge guard
  • Folds easy together and requires little space to store
  • Suitable to transport by car, bus, plane or train


The TOPRO Olympos is the practical rollator for those who enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

Designed especially for outdoor use, but can be used inside too.

TOPRO Olympos rollator.
TOPRO Olympos side view.
TOPRO Olympos outdoor terrain.
TOPRO Olympos indoor use.

Equipped to handle tough terrains

With larger front wheels compared to the Troja 2G Premium – the Olympos boasts additional safety, comfort and stability along off beaten tracks, unpaved roads, cobble stones and other uneven outdoor terrains.

TOPRO Olympos indoor cafe.
TOPRO Olympos the outdoors rollator.
TOPRO Olympos indoor and outdoor rollator
TOPRO Olympos with larger front wheels to tackle rough terrains.

Safe seating

Parking brake, together with the deep tread tyres and backrest, ensures safe use of the seat and secure transfer between rollator and chair (The driving brake provides additional safety during walking).

A simple folding action – like hands clapping – allows for minimal storage space when not in use. A convenient feature to have while out at a restaurant or if traveling by car, bus, train or aeroplane.

When folded, the rollator stands-up on it’s own.

TOPRO Olympos park braking for safe sitting.
TOPRO Olympos with park braking for safe sitting.
TOPRO Olympos folds up like hands clapping taking up minimal space when not is use.

One-handed brake accessory

The one-handed brake accessory is a must have for anyone with limited mobility in one hand.

It allows both brakes to safely operate with the operation of only one brake handle.

One handed brake for TOPRO rollator (part no. 814026)

TOPRO OLYMPOS is guaranteed free for faults and defects for 7 years.

7-year warranty

Every TOPRO product is developed, designed and made in Norway. Advanced manufacturing equipment, materials used and environmental security give confidence that maximum quality is met in all levels of production.

A ‘Weather Durability Test’ conducted by the German Medical Product Regulations (Vorschriften der Medizinprodukte-Betreibervordnung) placed the TOPRO rollator outside for 90-days to face the harsh forest climates under thick snow, rain, sunshine and frost.

Topro 90 day weather test

After 90-days, the results showed no signs of rust or mechanical damage, with all functions in order.

  • Screws and other wear and tear on parts – No damage.
  • Brakes and wheels functioning as normal – No damage.
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg tested. No problem.
  • The exterior coating – No damage
  • Functionality – No damage


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