Topro Troja Forearm Walker


Topro Troja Forearm Walker


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Designed and produced in Norway

The TOPRO Troja Walker is a sturdy forearm gutter frame walker designed to support your upper body while you walk.

TOPRO’s walker design enables you to walk inside the frame (as opposed to behind it) encouraging you to stand straight, giving good skeletal support, reducing tiredness & muscle strain. Read More [..]


  • Fantastic one or two handed breaking function
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Folds easily for transportation and storage
  • Aluminium and plastic
  • No extraordinary maintenance needed
  • Can be used in the shower
  • All wear and tear parts can be replaced
  • Easy to clean


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The World’s best Rollators and Walkers from Norway

The TOPRO Troja walker is an elegant and practical lightweight forearm gutter frame walker.

Maintain good upper body support by supporting your arms inside the forearm gutter support.

This walker is approved for use on flat surfaces indoors.

TOPRO Troja forearm gutter walker

The TOPRO Troja Walker is available in three sizes: Medium, Small & Extra Small.

7 Years Warranty on Frame and Handles!

With TOPRO you can adjust the grips to wrist level and this gives you a slight, natural bend in your elbow and allows you to walk tall inside the frame and prevents falls. The memory stick will always keep the correct height for you.

TOPRO has a woven basket in front and a woven seat allowing correct folding.

It folds like hands clapping allowing you to hook the front wheels over the sill of the rear car door and tumble the rollator in between front and back seats; no more lifting in and out of cars.

TOPRO Troja walker (unfolded and folded)

TOPRO now has a 7 year frame warranty and has won many awards in Europe. Quality materials, rigorous testing and state of the art manufacturing produce enduring quality.

TOPRO rigouresley test their products including a 90 day winter snow test.

The simple elegance of TOPRO coupled with your new upright stance is a real good look.

One handed brake Accessory

TOPRO Troja forearm gutter walker comes with an extra cable docking station on each brake handle to accommodate two brakes operated with one hand.

Topro accessory #814026 - Operate both brakes with a single hand control

Guaranteed free of faults and defects for 7 years.

7-year warranty

Each TOPRO product is developed, designed and made in Norway.

Advanced manufacturing equipment, materials used and environmental security give confidence that maximum quality is met in all levels of production.

A ‘Weather Durability Test’ conducted by the German Medical Product Regulations (Vorschriften der Medizinprodukte-Betreibervordnung) placed a TOPRO rollator outside for 90-days to face the harsh forest climates under thick snow, rain, sunshine and frost.

Topro 90 day weather test

After 90-days, the results showed no signs of rust or mechanical damage, with all functions in order.

  • Screws and other wear and tear on parts – No damage.
  • Brakes and wheels functioning as normal – No damage.
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg tested. No problem.
  • The exterior coating – No damage
  • Functionality – No damage

Accessories for the TOPRO Troja Walker



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